Agitated Villager, Mob Ringleader


An aging and somewhat portly man, he still carries himself with a strength that befits a military veteran. He has a somewhat broad face, and his forehead seems even larger than it is due to his severe balding.


Gibbs is a retired veteran of the Dementlieu military, and settled down in Evreaux to eek out a living as a farmer. When strange goings-on started taking place, he blamed Peter Lorrimor, citing his nosing about in the ruins of the prison, and even dared to call him a necromancer. After Peter’s death, Gibbs rounded up several malcontents and attempted to bum rush the funeral procession so that they could burn the body, with the hope that it would end the curse on their town. Caligno Black swiftly took the fight out of them, and they dispersed to lick their wounds.

Gibbs has been suffering from vivid nightmares recently, and after a local monument was vandalized with animal blood, it was discovered he was the culprit, an act perpetrated while sleep walking. He turned himself in to the local sheriff after speaking with Jackson Grey, and seems thoroughly ashamed of his actions as of late.


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