Madeline Lorrimor

Grieving Daughter of Peter Lorrimor


A fairly attractive brunette in her early-to-mid 20s, with light brown eyes and very soft features. She’s fairly short and slim, but quick on her feet. Despite her delicate features, her slender hands are somewhat dry and calloused, indicating a large amount of work within a library.


Madeline Lorrimor has just buried her father, Professor Peter Lorrimor. She has hired on the party to help her settle into the town and assure that she is safe and secure, as per her father’s request. She is a very trusting soul, and felt that she could count on the party to help her investigate her father’s death. She has opened her doors to the party, allowing them to study in her late father’s catalog of various tomes of knowledge. She’s currently one of the very few trusting people in Evreaux, due to the current state of the village.

She doesn’t like to mention her magical abilities, again due to the current state of the village and their attitude towards arcane casters. She is a divination mage, like her father, but is young and has yet to accrue the knowledge in the field that her father possessed.

Madeline Lorrimor

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