Peter Lorrimor

Deceased professor and scholar, investigator of evil magic and cultist activity. Father of Madeline Lorrimor


Peter Lorrimor was a mage who settled down in the village of Evreaux, home of the ruins of the Harrowstone Prison, to investigate the Silent Brotherhood, a cult of necromancers obsessed with immortality. He died investigating the prison grounds, presumably by a gargoyle falling off the crumbling building and striking him in the head. His daughter Madeline believes that he was murdered by the Silent Brotherhood.

He bequeathed his house and all of his possessions to his daughter, and gave her instructions to pay a group of people she felt she could trust, to watch over her for the time being while she gets settled in the village, and to escort some dangerous tomes to his friends at the university in Port-A-Lucine.

Peter Lorrimor

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