Silver Ghost

Notorious Swordsage


A slender, silver haired elf. He wields a long, slender elven curve blade to perform supernatural combat maneuvers with. Living in prison has not hardened him, and in fact may have made him even more like his other namesake: The Craven of Sleeton.


Guron Damasian was a military adviser for an allied baron of Walther, and lead a company of soldiers for him. During the battle of Sleeton, however, their army was routed, resulting in the death of the baron’s son. Guron was blamed for this defeat, and by extension the death of the baron’s heir, and imprisoned.

The baron stayed his execution however, and Walther offered to take him off his hands, stating that his dungeons had special torture chambers for cowards who desert their comrades.

10 years have passed since then, and Walther surprised Guron with a visit, offering clemency and perhaps a bit of coin if he were to perform certain services under the banner of his army. The years in prison were harsh on the Silver Ghost, and he mistook Walther for his previous employer due to the mild dementia he seemed to develop while inside.

Silver Ghost

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