Victoria Hawkran

Ghostly Wife, Interim Watcher of Harrowstone


Victoria Hawkran floats about the prison workshop as she speaks to the party, giving the impression that she’d be pacing if she could. She’s worried about what may happen, but she’s also determined to get things back in order.

When she was alive, Victoria had light brown hair with blue eyes, and light skin with fair features. Nowadays, she still maintains the fair features, but due to her incorporeal state glows with an ethereal shade of blue.


Victoria Hawkran was the wife of the warden of Harrowstone, Lionel Hawkran. She died of smoke inhalation when the prison burned 40 years ago. Locked in the prison workshop while the guards attempted to defuse a riot, a guard accidentally triggered a fire that torched the dungeons below the prison. The fire quickly spread through the dungeon, burning the prisoners and the few remaining guards alive, and killing the trapped inmates in the cells above ground by smoke inhalation. As the guards fled, they forgot about Victoria, and she perished.

In the present day, she is currently trying to keep the evil spirits of Harrowstone from escaping and causing untold havoc around the countryside. Unlike the spirit of her husband however, the ghosts of the prison aren’t as afraid of her, and are actively working up the strength to destroy her bonds on them. She has told the party how the new riot may be put down, and suggested the safest place to start would be on the second floor, where Seth Corinth, the Father Charlatan was imprisoned.

Victoria Hawkran

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