Walther Von Berne

Baron of Kindelbruck, father of Albrecht Von Berne


He is a tall, well built man with long reddish-brown hair streaked with grey. He sports a neatly trimmed beard. He has high cheekbones, and a long nose that ends in a narrow point. His brow is seemingly in a permanent furrow, even when in good spirits. His eyes are a piercing blue, lending an almost unnerving appearance to him, for he looks to be glaring at all times. However, he is a well humored man, especially considering his profession and his losing many of his family to the various wars he’s been part of, and to birthing his children.


A man in his mid 50s, Walther Von Berne began his life as a military brat, following his father and grandfather on military campaigns across the Kingdom of Furyondy and Veluna. He soon grew into a soldier himself, and took to learning his family trade of troop command. His skill in both military and mercantile tactics lead him into being a wealthy Knight Captain, and he looked to invest his wealth in a barony for himself and his followers.

With his vast wealth, Walther purchased a sizable plot of land in Verbobonc, and brought in several mages to build up his palace and military holdings. Coming from a long line of military officers and an accomplished commander himself, Walther has had little trouble securing the borders from any bandits, brigands or political enemies.

Walther had married twice, and is widowed just as many times. Both his wives died in childbirth, a fact that has caused him to refuse to marry again. He does not resent his children at all for the death of their mothers, but seeing them does cause him grief on his worst days.

As of late, a cult has been abducting villagers and townsfolk within in land holdings, and he has called for mercenaries and anyone who is willing to fight under his banner for coin to move against their base of operations, lead by his eldest son, Albrecht

Walther Von Berne

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