Rotund Innkeeper


A portly man, Zokar has a roundness to every feature. His nose is bulbous, his cheeks are round and rosey, he has a sizable potbelly, and even his fingers are thick like sausages. He has a waxed mustache and bushy eyebrows, and almost always has a smile on his face.


Zokar runs the Laughing Demon tavern, in Evreaux. He’s a jovial man, and believes that the best way to confront the worst the world has to offer is with a jest. He serves his trademark “Corpse Chowder” for lunch and sometimes dinner, and serves a large, fatty breakfast every morning consisting of eggs, thick bacon, sausage, fried potatoes, cherry tomatoes, biscuits with strawberries and cream, and a slice of brie. He has three different types of beer on tap, and is friends with a local vineyard owner, so he gets good wine for cheap.

Being the innkeeper and main bartender, he hears the many rumors, stories, and tales swapped between locals and travelers passing through the village, and if you’re polite and maybe spend a little coin in his establishment, you can probably get some information out of him.


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